Environmental Sponsorship

Environmental Sponsorship Programme

To speed up the our impact on climate change (and yours), we have partnered with Habitat Sanctuaries. Org


With every sale of a system we purchase 4 x trees on your behalf for a few reasons:

  1. Each tree has a life span of 27 years (as a mature adult) during this time each tree absorbs 400 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere
  2. Each tree is a habitat and food tree for a Critically Endangered Koalas
  3. Each tree costs $25 – This money buys the tree and grows the tube stock for planting it also buys the land that the tree grows on for the sanctuary, Then it plants the tree (tube stock) cares for it to a adult tree where it becomes useful for our effort.
  4. This is a “Real CO2 capture or sequestration progreamme” with direct result and impact.
  5. We have committed to 1 billion trees.