SOURCE Partner Newsletter – July 2019

Installation Spotlight:
Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Center in Sydney

Array Energy secured an exciting project with Georges River Council, and by doing so demonstrated beautifully how to create meaningful partnerships with clients. The Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Center now uses SOURCE as a tool to help achieve their sustainability goals, which includes eliminating half a million single-use water bottles! Not only that, but gym members can feel confident in the perfect water they drink to support their active lifestyles.


“When you walk around the centre, you don’t see bins full of empty, 

single-use water bottles. Instead, you see our members going to a 

fountain, filling up their water bottles, and getting great-tasting water!”  – Heidi, Customer Service Manager


Partnering with Customers to Accomplish Their Goals

Approaching sales as a collaborative partnership in order to help your clients achieve sustainability goals further highlights the uniquely innovative characteristics of SOURCE and all of its applications. SOURCE can be the solution customers use to impact the environmental causes they care about most. Who can you identify that would benefit from SOURCE?

Show Your Expertise, Inform Your Customers

We’ve curated some of the latest articles about global water issues for you to read and share across social media. We invite you to highlight the benefits of SOURCE and how it can help solve global problems like these.

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