What our client says

Paul Magary

project officer - Conservation Council Act Region Gee the Systems are great I want one

Matt Manson

these systems are making a difference in many remote and rural situations where water security is not guaranteed- until now.

Andrew Marshall

Upto 10 x litres of free fresh drinking water is extracted from the atmosphere everyday by a standard solar water unit - Andrew Marshall (1 Oct 2018)

Rebecca Hopkins

principal Murrunundi Public School, NSW Australia “For the community members, not just monetarily it means a lot, but such a gift like that warms your heart “

Dunal Shiel

A Critically dry town’s “magical otherworldly” solution to sustainable clean drinking water - ABC News (Australian Broadcast Corporation) - Dunal Shiel (23/Feb/2019)

CEO Habitat Sanctuaries

“The support is critical from sponsors like Cloud Juice Water to enable us to buy land and plant trees for Critically Endangered species CEO Habitat Sanctuaries

Graham - rural property owner 80+ years of age

“I am ready to go ahead, I’ve been living off grid for years and the water situations not getting any better”


Helen - Manger of SUSTAINABLE LIVING CENTRE : Mount Annan, NSW “We have a lot of interest in the hydropanels from the 25,000 visitors that come to the centre annually” “we use the water daily here in the centre”