Water Purchase Agreement

Creating fresh drinking water anywhere from the air

Creating clean, renewable drinking water for the global community

At Cloud Juice Water, we distribute SOURCE Hydro- panels – a category defining technology that uses the power of the sun to extract clean, reliable drinking water from the air.

Cloud Juice Water Hydropanels are uniquely free from infrastructure – they operate without the need for electricity or water (truly off-grid) and efficiently harness water across a range of climates varying from the dry desert to the humid tropics. Bypassing infrastructure while offsetting the energy and waste of bottled and purified water, SOURCE is high-tech water.

Location: Murrurundi, Australia
Array Size: 10 Hydropanels

Location: Tanna, Vanuatu
Array Size: 20 Hydropanels

SOURCE is scalable to meet the drinking water needs and enabling a renewable and long-term supply of drinking water. Arrays of SOURCE Hydropanels are connected together for larger produc- tion at the time of install or added on as an expansion at any time in the future. The design is more efficient than residential solar panels, as all solar energy is used to convert air to water which is then stored in an integrated reservoir for drinking water use.

SOURCE Hydropanels are ideal for sites that are remote & water stressed for the following reasons:

  • Provides safe, high-quality drinking water for employees and staff;
  • Demonstrates sustainable water solutions to organizations who care about the impacts of plastic and CO2emissions associated with bottled water transport and delivery;
  • Provides reliable water supply independent from municipal water, ground water, or any other water supply, as well as electricity usage; and
  • SOURCE reduces the need for expensive and complicated water filtration schemes and/or obviates the dependence on bottled water, which has a large carbon footprint


  • 80 Hydropanel array
  • Annual expected production: 116,800 litres
  • Expected plastic bottles offset over 15-year lifespan: 4,380,000
  • Expected number of daily employees serviced: 320



Switching to SOURCE has never been easier with our Water Purchase Model. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We size a SOURCE Hydropanel array based on the drinking water requirements of a particular location and let you know how much space we’ll need.
Step 2: We install a SOURCE Hydropanel array at our cost. We handle shipping and installation, and ensure the Hydropanels perform optimally. We take care of any spare parts and maintenance needed.
Step 3: You purchase SOURCE water at an estimated AUD $1.25/litre and agree to purchase everything we produce

About CloudJuiceWater and Source Hydro Panels

At Cloud Juice Water, we are committed to advancing access to clean water across the world in an affordable, equitable, and scalable model. For mining houses, improving or extending bulk infrastructure solutions to smaller population areas is cost-prohibitive, meaning budget limitations eliminate any long-term supply options for rural, peri-urban, and remote communities. SOURCE is the first decentralized, infrastructure-free drinking water solution that can be scaled for demand. And our in-house financing model enables our customers to be cash positive on Day 1.

Water Quality

SOURCE water has been tested and currently meets and exceeds water quality standards for drinking water in the United States, Mexico, Lebanon, UAE, Indonesia, India, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines.

SOURCE is designed to generate, mineralize, store, sterilised, and filter water to maintain the highest quality standards. Each SOURCE unit is tested to meet water quality standards after installation, and water quality is maintained through active
sterilization in the reservoir and filtration prior to the dispenser tap.

Environment – No Emissions & Nearly Zero Carbon Footprint

SOURCE is emission free and therefore represents a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions when compared to other drinking water alternatives, especially bottled water. For every two Hydropanels installed to replace bottled water consumption, it is the equivalent of removing one car off the road in CO2.